Installation is getting easier with ERS Image!

Smart, Functional and Reliable

ERS Image is presented to you with its advanced structure, quality design and functional features. It is suitable for multi-functional use. It has own standard and double glazed wing profiles. It has hardware that can be controlled remotely and closely from computers and smartphones. They are automatic sliding doors that can be used in many areas with human use and passage, such as airports, hospitals, bus stations, business centers, factories, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, markets, hotels. In places where the temperature should be constant, it can be opened without touching and closes by itself, preventing contamination of your hand and heat loss in the place.

Image Energy Saving Functions

Double sliding leaves minimize energy losses in all season conditions. Advanced software system includes special braking function that results fast opening and closing cycles that you will have energy saving function permanently. In extreme climate conditions you can also activate half opening mode to have additional energy saving in your operation.




ERS Image Technical Features

Power Drive
Motor 1 High performance  DC motor with integrated encoder and gearbox (Dunker motor) 
Power Supply 170-260 V AC 50-60 Hz 
Power Consumption 170 W
Protection Class  IP22
Carrying Capacity 170 Kg for single leaf, 240 Kg for double leaves 
Net Opening 900 mm - 2200 mm
Operator Chassis Size 125 x 168 mm , Aluminium 
Carrier Assembly Two carrier assembly for each leaf , 
(2 main and 1 balancing wheel for each carrier assembly) 
Trigger Belt  Special trigger belt design for maximum safety and endurance and minimum noise level 

Micro Processor
Design Ers System
Working Temperature - 20 C / +60 C 
Position Selector Digital , 6 user positions , touch button 
User Modes  Auto , Open , In , Out , Locked , Half Opening 
Installer Setting  Opening Speed, Closing Speed, Hold Open Time, Half Opening Distance, Opening Direction, Installer Password, User Password. 
Obstacle Detection Permanent obstacle detection in both opening and closing cycles. 
Energy Saving Short braking distance during opening and closing cycle for energy saving.
Software Updates Software can be updated. 
Interlocking  4 doors can be operated using interlocking mode. 
Reseting  Can be performed using digital position selector without opening operator cover. 
Compatibility  Compatible with fire alarm and access control systems.  
Fault Monitoring Error codes are shown on the digital position selector screen. 


Safety  Infrared line photocell ( ERS ) 
3D infrared curtain photocell 
Opening  Radar ( ERS ) 
Combined(Opening+Safety) Opening radar with integrated 3D infrared curtain photocell 
, energy saving, EN 16005)

Standart Digital position selector 
Optional Manual lock 
Electro-mechanical lock
Battery set
Remote control set 
Keypad with integrated card reader 
Card reader 
Proximity sensor
Fingerprint scanner
Air curtain control



Single Leaf, Biparting, Break-out, Telescopic, Prismatic, Curved.

Leaf Options
Frame 28 mm aluminium frame(single glazing) 
36 mm aluminium frame(single/double glazing) 
36 mm aluminium break-out (single/double glazing) 
Frameless Aluminium glass holder 
Leaf Guides Special stainless steel ( 304 ) guides for framed leaves
Special plastic guides for frameless glass leaves

ERS System

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