Hand approach sensor produced by Ers System is a product that enables your door to be opened without touching by bringing your hand or an object closer to the sensor. It can be produced as infrared or Microwave and is used in areas such as hospitals, laboratories and food manufacturing that require hygiene. It is a very useful product to prevent germs from hand contact (by touch).

Teknik Özellikler

Güç Kaynağı DC 12-30V, AC12-24V
Akım Tüketimi 1,5 W
Uluslararası Koruma IP22
Algılama Aralığı 10-30 cm ± 3-5 cm
Teknoloji Aktif Kızılötesi
Çalışma Sıcaklığı / Nem -20 ...... 50˚C /% 0-90
Boyut 78x88x23 mm

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