In the healthcare sector, treatment plays a key role in the treatment of patients under the most reliable and the best hygienic conditions.

Key words here are hygiene, reliability, easy access and convenience. In order to best support the works of healthcare professionals during the operation and patient control process, designs should be comfortable, accessible and hygienic. Being aware of the sensitivity and importance of all these points, ERS System has proven itself in the healthcare sector with its best quality and useful designs.

"Operating rooms and intensive care services are among the most sensitive areas of hospital in terms of hygiene. "

Doors must be opened quickly and reliably and closed tightly without contact to keep germs out and keep the rooms sterile. At this point, ERS System offers ERS Hermetic, which provides the opportunity to work in an airtight, sterile environment: this feature provides quick opening to avoid wasting time in an emergency and is tightly closed to provide hygiene in the operating room.

In this sector, ERS System offers the best quality service to the sector, such a Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Hospital, Istanbul Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in Turkey's leading hospitals's operating rooms; treatment rooms, intensive care units, hospital rooms where doctors practice surgery to be able to conduct the treatment process in the best way, comfortable, accessible; with sterile and airtight doors designed to keep hygiene level at the highest level.

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